When switching from traditional cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes, a question that is often asked by our customers, is what nicotine level I should choose, and is the nicotine level in cigarettes and vaping the same. 

The primary reason that people smoke is the nicotine, but there isn’t much information about how much nicotine there is in a cigarette.  Cigarettes mostly contain from 7mg to 15mg of nicotine, and even less or more, depending on brand. But in reality, it’s not the mg. number that matters the most, it’s how much you are absorbing when you smoke. 

Most of the nicotine you are getting when you inhale is exhaled again. And a lot of the nicotine is also burned away between puffs. Then the smoking style differs from person to person. Some take fewer puffs than others, or you hold your hits longer. This is all contributing to how much nicotine content you absorb.

In average you consume around 1mg of nicotine per cigarette that you smoke. So, to compare with our e-cigarettes which contains 12 or 20mg of nicotine, it seems low.  But each e-cigarette we offer has between 300 and 400 puffs, equivalent to 30-40 cigarettes. Therefore, the nicotine level between cigarettes and e-cigarettes are comparable.

Which nicotine level should I choose?

The important thing to remember when answering this question is that its depends on your smoking habits. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day, what type of cigarette is it, light or not? The strength you use is very personal, trying a strong nicotine level might help you make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Once you’ve found the right nicotine level you can gradually reduce it over time. You can also start with a low level nicotine, and then vape until you’re satisfied.

In our vape products you can choose:

0mg nicotine (nicotine free): The nicotine free option is ideal for social smokers who only have the odd cigarette when they’re out and just want the feel of smoking. A lot of the habits when smoking is not only to inhale nicotine, but also external circumstances. Every product that we offer comes in a nicotine free variant.

12mg nicotine: Made for an average smoker, who smokes up to a pack of cigarettes a day. It’s a good place to start to get you used to vaping and will give you enough to keep the cravings away.

20mg nicotine: This a high nicotine level for people who are getting through 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day or more. 

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a chemical that is formed in several types of plants, including the tobacco plants for defense against insects. The type of nicotine found in tobacco plants, comes from the nightshade family. Red peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes are examples of the nightshade family. Nicotine has previously been used as a pesticide in agriculture but today its usually found in tobacco products, e-cigarettes (e-liquid), snus and in nicotine products for smoking cessation e.g., chewing gum and patches. Nicotine is also produced synthetically.

Nicotine is absorbed through the lungs when inhaling e-cigarettes/vape products. The nicotine penetrates the bloodstream and quickly reaches the body and up to the brain. The nicotine content of a cigarette does not necessarily say anything about how much you absorb in the body and can measure in the blood. This is because the actual uptake of the nicotine depends on a number of different things as we already explained.

Nicotine is not not cancer-causing or excessively harmful on its own, but it is heavily addictive and exposes people to the extremely harmful effects of tobacco dependency.

To help you not only quit traditional cigarettes but also the nicotine addiction, we at Ezee e-cigarettes offers all our products in a nicotine free variant. 

Check out our Ezee Puff for a e-cigarette with zero nicotine content, and in 8 different flavors.

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