Menthol 12MG filters - medium - pack with 3

Rechargable e-cigaret - Menthol 12MG filters - medium - pack with 3

Menthol flavored filters for your Ezee rechargeable e-cigarette. Each filter contains 1 ml. e-liquid and 12 mg/ml nicotine, giving you around 350 puffs (35 ordinary cigarettes) depending on your smoking style. Prices start from only $8.49 for a pack of 3 filters (buy more and save up to 43%).

Ingredients list: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Menthol aroma extracted from peppermint oil and 12 mg/ml of nicotine. The E-liquid inside Ezee filters are enclosed in cotton wool, which prevents leaking during use. This give the product a high safety. The product and e-liquid are produced under Pharmaceutical control. Ezee is TPD approved in the EU. Filters can’t be refilled after use, but instead have to be replaced with a new one. This is done easily with the thread system. Used filters can be disposed of as metal.

  • Buy 1 for USD 14.95
  • Buy 5 for USD 13.95 per pcs. and save 7%
  • Buy 12 for USD 12.95 per pcs. and save 13%
  • Buy 24 for USD 10.49 per pcs. and save 30%
  • Buy 48 for USD 8.49 per pcs. and save 43%