Ezee e-cigarette starter kit is for you, who don’t want to throw away your battery after use. 

And for you who wants to safe money in the long term. The starter kit comes with a rechargeable battery and 1 replaceable filters in the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice.
Furthermore a USB charger is included so you can recharge your battery everywhere.

The enclosed USB plug easily and quickly recharges your e-cigarette batteries.
Afterwards you just click on the filters and you are ready to smoke (or vape).
A magnetic click on system makes it very easy to replace the filters.

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We are only using the best batteries and filters on the market for our e-cigarettes.
That’s why you will get an e-cigarette starter kit of high quality and with a long service life.

Like you, we as well don’t want to spend unnecessary time recharging the e-cigarette battery. It should be easy and fast
– And that what it is with Ezee-e.

Choose between 3 nicotine strengths for your e-cigarette starter kit cartridges

The e-cigarette filters are available in either tobacco or menthol flavour,
each with the nicotine strengths of; 0 mg, 12 mg, or 20 mg. Every filter has around 350 puffs - depending on your smoking style.
Equivalent to approximately 1 packet of traditional cigarettes. Thats why you will save money in the long term.
What you prefer is up to you, but with 3 different strengths, there is one for every need.

E-cigarettes with cartridges (filters) – For a good reason

At Ezee-e we are only selling e-cigarettes with filters. This means that it’s not possible to buy any e-cigarettes with an integrated liquid container, where you have to refill the container by yourself.  We have done this for a very good reason.
Refilling your own e-cigarette with liquid can be both difficult and unsafe.

We deliver your e-cigarette with related filters. These filters already contain the right amount of liquid (e-juice) and nicotine you need.
When the filter is empty, you just throw it away, and click-on a new one. That is Ezee!

Please contact us if you have any question about our products

Customer service is a high priority at Ezee-e. We would gladly help you, to find the e-cigarette starter kit for your needs.
So if you have any question, you are more than welcome to contact us. You’ll find our contact form here.

We strive to answer all e-mails within 24 hours.