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About Ezee e-cigarettes

At Ezee we’re "life-long” smokers too and like many smokers, we didn't want to (and in some cases simply couldn't) stop smoking. We started looking around for a real alternative to the traditional cigarette. One without the 590+ poisonous chemicals which are added to normal cigarettes and one that still gave the same smoking type experience.

We didn't want to start investing in vaping kits, or taking a drag on some weird glass and chrome device that looks like something out of a science lab. We were smokers and we wanted to smoke something that looked, tasted and felt like a real cigarette but simply didn't have the adverse effects of dangerous tobacco smoke.

The truth is, the e-cigarette market didn't have what we and many long-time smokers wanted and so we set about defining and designing what we thought we wanted in an e-cigarette:

10 things you need to know about Ezee e-cigarettes:

1. An e-cigarette that tastes like a real cigarette
2. An e-cigarette with an elegant and familiar design
3. An e-cigarette that gives the known “pull” in the throat when inhaled
4. An e-cigarette that lets out actual smoke / vapour when used
5. An e-cigarette that is price-comparable to "real" cigarettes
6. An e-cigarette that is ready-to-use straight out of the packet
7. An e-cigarette with a proven long-lasting battery
8. An electric cigarette of superior quality
9. An e-cigarette which leaves the user satisfied
10. A genuine alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes

With these ten “commandments” defined - our task began. We travelled the world and eventually partnered with Sherry Inc. to build our prototypes and complete the design of our very first electronic cigarette - Ezee Go.
Since then we've gone from strength to strength and had global success with dedicated users in England, Germany, North America and Scandinavia. This in turn encouraged us to broaden our product range to include the Ezee rechargeable.
Our drive for perfection and our commitment to our own ten "commandments" is what continues to stand us apart from the rest. We'll never forget our roots as traditional cigarette smokers and our commitment to you is to deliver the perfect alternative, helping you to make the switch to e-cigarettes for good.

If you would like to tell us what you think of Ezee products, we'd be delighted to hear from you.