We ship all products by national postal service, by an express service they called "tracked product letters", served by 43 countries in Europe and Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, China, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey and United States.

For all other countries please send me a mail and I will check.

We ship every weekday until 15.30 (Copenhagen time) and next morning the shipments have left Denmark and on their way to their destinations. Upon arrival there will be custom control in some countries, and after they are handed to your local postal service for deliveries. You will get a tracking number to follow your order.

Delivery time vary from country to country, where we have 2 days delivery in most of Europe, to 5-8 days for United States and Australia.

But it works and so far we have no problems.

So feel safe to order and I will be happy to send Ezee e-cigarettes to you.

Best regards
Jes B. Jepsen

CEO and owner