We ship all orders from Denmark to all over the world. We ship every weekday until 14.00 (Copenhagen time) and you will receive tracking number to follow your order from the courier. If you do not get the tracking number in your mail, then look in your spam-folder for PostNord, DHL, Fedex or UPS.

Shipping courier outside of Europe depends on the size of the order and destination. But in general:

Ezee rechargeable and Ezee Pods, will be shipped with UPS/DHL, if the order are above $130.  Depending on destination the delivery time are 2-4 days.  

Our disposable (Ezee Go and Ezee Fun) are more complicated, since some countries (e.g. Australia and Canada) do not accept to many batteries in one shipment. Here we are shipping with national postal services and since they only accept 2 batteries in one shipment, we are shipping more envelopes.  This shipping normally go well and delivery time are 5-9 days depending on destination. And again: if the order reach minimum $150, and the country accept batteries, we will ship with UPS and the delivery time are 2-4 days, again depending on destination. 

The courier will do all the paperwork in connection with the import, but for some countries there might be a tax while entering the country, which have to be cleared by you as the importer via the currier. But this is depending on the value of the order, but in most contries the value has to be minimum $500.00 before any taxes. Shipping with national postal service do normally go through without any further.  

In price our Ezee rechargeable and Ezee Pod are far by the best deal. And if you live outside of Europe, these also have the best shipping options.  

So feel safe to order and I will be happy to send Ezee e-cigarettes to you.

Any questions: please e-mail me directly here.

Best regards
Jes B. Jepsen

CEO and owner