NEW Shipping and delivery information of Ezee e-cigarettes (updated 25st March 2020)

The corona-crisis is a sad situation for the world. Here in Denmark the guvernment demanded a lock-down for the whole country from 16th March until 13th April. This together with most of the world.

We are all struggeling and trying to keep our daily life and care for each other and our nearest.

Please take time to read below.

Shipping Ezee products are still possible, but normal post are getting problematic. Normal post are using civil aircraft and since more and more flight are cancel, we will now focus on curriers. To keep our business running we have therefore lowered or limit for free currier (UPS or DHL) deliveries.  So from today all orders abowe $100 will be shipped with UPS/DHL worldwide. Since some countries are demanding taxes on import, we will add for $20 ekstra products with ALL orders above $100, to cover these costs.  These products are yours no matter if you pay taxes on import or not. We will still try to ship smaller orders with normal post, but please accept a longer delivery time and accept that we might have to cancel the order and refund the money, in case delivery are not possible. This shipping offer are minimum valid until 15th April 2020 but might be extended depending on the shipping situtation. Update: only countries served by normal post: All EU countries, Canada, United States, Japan and Russia. Smaller orders outside these countries, choose the UPS/DHL option or shop for minimum $100.

Starting today you will get points on every purchase above $100 on our website. Each point equal $1 and can be spend on future purchases. You can see your points in you shopping cart before check-out. This also help you reach the $100 in purchase. Remark: for collection the points you have to registrer your account with username and password, so the system automaticaly can calculate on keep the points for you. If you do not registrer an account, Ezee e-cigarettes can not be held responsible for your points. The loyalty program can be discontinued or changed without any notice, but the balance will remain until used.

So in short: if you order for minimum $100 you will have DHL/UPS currier service free of charge. You will also get for $20 extra products AND $10 in "points", which you can use for you next order. That´s a bargain!

The situation with the factories are currently unknown, We do have stock but of course no one known for how long. We will serve the orders as the arrive. But please do not wait if you want to make sure to get your products.

Best regards
Ezee e-cigarettes

Jes B. Jepsen
Founder and CEO

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