ezee e-cigarette cartridges tobacco no nicotine 3 cartridges

Ezee E-cigarette Cartridges Tobacco Nicotine Free Pack of 3

$ 8.97

Nicotine Strength

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Our nicotine free Ezee tobacco flavoured cartridges. Each disposable cartridge giving around 350 puffs depending on your smoking style. Prices from only $8.49 for a pack of 3 Cartridges

Product description

Ezee e-cigarette cartridges in Tobacco flavor and 0mg/ml nicotine free. The cartridges are with a thread system which makes them easily screwed on and off the battery. The cartridge contains 1ml of liquid, providing up to 350 puffs. Each pack contains 3 cartridges.

Our cartridges are meticulously sealed in foil to preserve their freshness and ensure hygiene. Each cartridge is equipped with a built-in atomizer, eliminating the need for any cleaning or upkeep. All you need to do is attach a cartridge to the battery's end and enjoy it just like you would a regular cigarette.

The package includes: 1 pack of 3 cartridges Tobacco flavor 0mg/ml nicotine free.

Product specification

  • E-Cigarette cartridges (refills) for Ezee
  • Flavor Profile: traditional tobacco
  • No battery included in this package
  • With 0mg/ml (0%) nicotine level 
  • Up to 350 puffs depending on your puffing style 


  1. Remove the product from the packaging and remove the rubber caps from the cartridge.
  2. Attach a cartridge to your Ezee battery
  3. Inhale to vape
    Place the refill end of the e-cigarette into your mouth and inhale to vape

You may hear a gentle crackle or pop when you first inhale - don't be alarmed. This is just the sound of the liquid within the refill being heated up rapidly and is perfectly normal.

Dispose of the product in accordance with local disposal and recycling regulations.

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