Battery - tobacco

Rechargable e-cigaret - Battery - tobacco

Extra battery for your filters. If you smoke tobacco, you need to order this. Price now only 9.99.

Battery specifications:

Battery Type: Lithium-ion Cell P08570D
Capacity: 297 mAh
Voltage (V): 3.7 V
Dimensions (mm): 77 mm x 9.2 mm
Weight (g): 14 g

Charging time for a fully discharged battery is approx. 2.5 hours in the wall socket and approx. 4 hours with USB. The battery lifespan is about 250 charges, after the capacity will decrease. Remember to purchase a charger for your e-cigarette. Charge the battery by inserting it into the USB. Use our Adapter together with the USB for a faster charging. The battery is ready to use after charging. With the smart thread-system, a new filter is easily attached to the battery. The battery is in high quality and beautiful design. Your safety is also very important for us, therefore the voltage is not adjustable on our batteries. Always transport and store your e-cigarette batteries safe and secure. Avoid dust and high temperatures.