Adaptor for Ezee e-cigarette

Rechargable e-cigaret - Adaptor for Ezee e-cigarette

Extra charger for your battery and USB. Price now only 8.99.

If you need an extra 220 V wall socket adapter for your batteries, you will find it here. To use the adapter you also need to have our USB plug. Charge the battery by inserting it into the USB. Use the USB together with the adapter or directly in a computer. Charging time for a fully discharged battery is approx. 4 hours with the USB in a computer. By using the adapter, the charging time is only 2.5 hours. Please notice that the USB plug is sold separately, this is only the adapter. During charging the diode on the USB is red, when the diode turns green, the battery is fully charged. With the smart thread-system, a new filter is easily attached to the battery. Are you a new customer recommends we to buy our starter kit, consisting of 5 filters, battery, USB and adaptor.