EU TPD Registered: Ensuring Quality with Our E-Cigarettes

At Ezee, we prioritize legal compliance and product quality. All our e-cigarette products are registered under the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), ensuring they meet rigorous regulatory standards.

The TPD mandates that manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes register their products with EU member state authorities. By adhering to these regulations, we demonstrate our commitment to providing safe and legal products to our customers.

Choosing Ezee means choosing products that have undergone thorough scrutiny to meet EU standards. Our commitment to TPD compliance reflects our dedication to providing you with the best vaping experience while ensuring your safety.

A list of our products

00310-21-00011 Ezee Go tobacco 0mg
00310-21-00012 Ezee Go menthol 0mg
00310-16-00001 Ezee Go tobacco 12mg
00310-16-00002 Ezee Go tobacco 20mg
00310-16-00003 Ezee Go menthol 12mg
00310-16-00004 Ezee Go menthol 20mg
00310-21-00013 Ezee Tobacco 0mg
00310-21-00014 Ezee Menthol 0mg
00310-16-00005 Ezee tobacco 12mg
00310-16-00006 Ezee tobacco 20mg
00310-16-00007 Ezee menthol 12mg
00310-16-00008 Ezee menthol 20mg
00310-23-00051 Ezee Starterset
00310-23-00052 Ezee Starterset DK
00310-21-00015 Ezee Puff Apple
00310-21-00016 Ezee Puff Menthol
00310-21-00017 Ezee Puff Tobacco
00310-21-00018 Ezee Puff Blueberry
00310-21-00019 Ezee Puff Passionfruit
00310-21-00020 Ezee Puff Champagne
00310-21-00021 Ezee Puff Cappuccino
00310-21-00022 Ezee Puff Pina Colada
00310-23-00024 Ezee Puff+ Tobacco 0mg
00310-23-00025 Ezee Puff+ Menthol 0mg
00310-23-00026 Ezee Puff+ Blueberry 0mg
00310-23-00027 Ezee Puff+ Apple 0mg
00310-23-00028 Ezee Puff+ Cappuccino 0mg
00310-23-00029 Ezee Puff+ Orange Mint 0mg
00310-23-00030 Ezee Puff+ Fruit Jam 0mg
00310-23-00031 Ezee Puff+ Pink Lemonade 0mg
00310-23-00032 Ezee Puff+ Blueberry 20mg
00310-23-00033 Ezee Puff+ Apple 20mg
00310-23-00034 Ezee Puff+ Cappuccino 20mg
00310-23-00035 Ezee Puff+ Orange Mint 20mg
00310-23-00036 Ezee Puff+ Fruit Jam 20mg
00310-23-00037 Ezee Puff+ Pink Lemonade 20mg
00310-23-00038 Ezee GO+ Tobacco 0mg
00310-23-00039 Ezee GO+ Tobacco 12mg
00310-23-00040 Ezee GO+ Tobacco 20mg
00310-23-00041 Ezee GO+ Menthol 0mg
00310-23-00042 Ezee GO+ Menthol 12mg
00310-23-00043 Ezee GO+ Menthol 20mg
00310-23-00044 Ezee POD+ Tobacco 0mg
00310-23-00045 Ezee POD+ Tobacco 12mg
00310-23-00046 Ezee POD+ Tobacco 20mg
00310-23-00047 Ezee POD+ Menthol 0mg
00310-23-00048 Ezee POD+ Menthol 12mg
00310-23-00049 Ezee POD+ Menthol 20mg
00310-23-00050 Ezee POD+ Starter Kit
00310-23-00051 Ezee Starterset