A while ago we sent Alex from VapePassion a little package with some of our products to try and give an honest feedback. Getting reviews and feedback for our products is always a good way of evaluating what we can do better. So we were especially pleased to hear what Alex, a long-time vaper, has to say. His experience speaks for itself, so his feedback is very much appreciated.
Watch for yourself here, since he also produced a video:

Alex covered a lot of ground on our products and described the design of our products, the flavors, the performance, battery and filters. Not only does he cover our cig-a-like ranges, he also covers our Ezee Energy vape.

Just to sum up some of his feedback this is what he said among other things:

review of ezee e-cigarettes from vapepassion

Ezee Rechargable:

»The tobacco flavor is like real tobacco. It’s pretty damn close to a real cigarette, minus the taste of burning tobacco. They did a great job with the tobacco flavor.«

»These little things perform nicely. The draw is really tight, which is what you want and expect from a cigalike. The flavor is good and it also has a nice throat hit. The cartridges work well and I’ve never gotten a dry hit, no matter how many times I hit it in a row. The battery life is nice too. I really don’t have any complaints.«

Ezee Fun:

»I can only talk about the Apple and Cappuccino flavors and both are pretty good. I would have liked for the apple to be a lot stronger. It’s good, but it’s really mild. The cappuccino flavor, on the other hand, is much stronger. It’s really good and it’s a really nice sweet coffee flavor. This is a great line for people just looking for some sweet flavors without the nicotine.«

review of ezee go disposable e-cigarettes from vapepassion

If you are interested in Alex full opinion on all products in detail you can click on the video above or read the full article here:
Ezee E-Cics Cigalikes Review

We would like to thank Alex for the kind and honest words and are happy he enjoyed our products!